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AWR Anti Vandal/Anti Climb Secret Fix Pipe

Secret fix anti climb, anti vandal pipes for use on flat roof areas and low level roofs for the prevention of access to vulnerable areas.

High security aluminium downpipe rainwater systems, designed to be vandal resistant for all buildings including commercial buildings, hospitals, social housing, private property and prisons.

Alumunium anti-vandal and anti-climb downpipe fittings, fixings and brackets can be used for vulnerable areas or for the whole pipe.

Description Code
Right Left
92.5° Bend ANT9/C/R ANT9/C/L
112.5° Bend ANT12/C/R ANT12/C/L
135° Bend ANT13/C/R ANT12/C/L
2m Pipe ANT/P/2
3m Pipe ANT/P/3
6m Pipe ANT/P/6
Internal Pipe Connector ANT/CON/50
92.5° Junction ANT92/Y
112.5° Junction ANT12/Y
135° Junction ANT13/Y
Shoe ANT/ST/45/S
Bracket Standard ANT/BR/1/ST