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AWR Half Round Beaded Gutter Range

The half round beaded profiles are normally specified for domestic dwelling replacements as well as smaller commercial buildings. The profiles are an exact replica of the traditional cast iron systems that are still providing service across the UK to this day.

Gutter Lengths
Length 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
3.0m BHR4/1 BHR5/1
2.5m BHR4/2 BHR5/2
2.0m BHR4/3 BHR5/3
1.0m BHR4/4 BHR5/4
0.5m BHR4/5 BHR5/5


Angle 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
External 90° BHR4/6 BHR5/6
Internal 90° BHR4/7 BHR5/7
External 135° BHR4/8 BHR5/8
Internal 135° BHR4/9 BHR5/9
Non-standard BHR4/10 BHR5/10


Running Outlets
Outlet 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
63mm BHR4/11 BHR5/11
76mm BHR4/12 BHR5/12
76 x 76mm SQ BHR4/13 BHR5/13
102 x 76mm RT BHR4/14 BHR5/14


Stop Ends Universal
End 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
Universal BHR4/15 BHR5/15


Extra Connecting Collars
Collar 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
BHR4/16 BHR5/16


Fascia Brackets
Bracket 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
BHR4/18 BHR5/18


Rafter Brackets
Bracket 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
Top Fix BHR4/19 BHR5/19
Side Fix BHR4/20 BHR5/20


Rise and Fall Brackets
Bracket 112 x 55mm 125 x 59mm
BHR4/21 BHR5/21


Beaded Gutter Profiles


All half round and deep round systems must be installed in conjunction with the purpose made extruded aluminium fascia bracket, which should be between 750 tp 600mm centres. Direct fix is not possible with these profiles.

When utilising the gutter as a lightning conductor an electrical conductor linkage will be supplied with each 3m length, corner and outlet section.