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AWR Circular Rainwater Pipes

All AWR rainwater pipes are made from heavy-grade extruded aluminium tube in wall guages ranging from 1.6mm to 3.5mm. The 63, 76 and 102mm diameter pipes have either decorative die-cast aluminium collars with or without traditional lugs or swaged alumunium collars with extruded pipe brackets in the modern style.

The 150mm diameter pipes have feature made collars and fixing brackets to suit standard pipe lengths.

Rainwater Pipe Inc. Socket
Length 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
3.0m PR63/1 PR76/1 PR102/1 PR150/1
2.5m PR63/2 PR76/2 PR102/2 PR150/2
2.0m PR63/3 PR76/3 PR102/3 PR150/3
1.0m PR63/4 PR76/4 PR102/4 PR150/4
0.5m PR63/5 PR76/5 PR102/5 PR150/5


Rainwater Bends
Angle 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
92.5° PR63/6 PR76/6 PR102/6 PR150/6
112.5° PR63/7 PR76/7 PR102/7 PR150/7
135° PR63/8 PR76/8 PR102/8 PR150/8
Non-standard PR63/9 PR76/9 PR102/9 PR150/9


Rainwater Shoe
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
PR63/10 PR76/10 PR102/10 PR150/10


Rodding Access Plate
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
PR63/11 PR76/11 PR102/11 PR150/11


Single Branch Junctions
Angle 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
92.5° PR63/12 PR76/12 PR102/12 PR150/12
112.5° PR63/13 PR76/13 PR102/13 PR150/13
135° PR63/14 PR76/14 PR102/14 PR150/14
Non-standard PR63/15 PR76/15 PR102/15 PR150/15


Double Branch Junctions
Angle 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
92.5° PR63/16 PR76/16 PR102/16 PR150/16
112.5° PR63/17 PR76/17 PR102/17 PR150/17
135° PR63/18 PR76/18 PR102/18 PR150/18
Non-standard PR63/19 PR76/19 PR102/19 PR150/19


One Part Projection
Offset 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
63mm PR63/20 PR76/20 PR102/20 PR150/20
76mm PR63/21 PR76/21 PR102/21 PR150/21
100mm PR63/22 PR76/22 PR102/22 PR150/22
150mm PR63/23 PR76/23 PR102/23 PR150/23


Two Part Projection
Offset 63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
200mm PR63/24 PR76/24 PR102/24 PR150/24
250mm PR63/25 PR76/25 PR102/25 PR150/25
300mm PR63/26 PR76/26 PR102/26 PR150/26
350mm PR63/27 PR76/27 PR102/27 PR150/27
400mm PR63/28 PR76/28 PR102/28 PR150/28
450mm PR63/29 PR76/29 PR102/29 PR150/29
550mm PR63/30 PR76/30 PR102/30 PR150/30
650mm PR63/31 PR76/31 PR102/31 PR150/31
750mm PR63/32 PR76/32 PR102/32 PR150/32
850mm PR63/33 PR76/33 PR102/33 PR150/33
950mm PR63/34 PR76/34 PR102/34 PR150/34
1000mm PR63/35 PR76/35 PR102/35 PR150/35


Pipe Bracket
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
Standard PR63/36 PR76/36 PR102/36 PR150/36
30mm Stand off PR63/37 PR76/37 n/a n/a
2 part variable PR63/37B PR76/37B PR102/37B PR150/37B


Non-Eared Pipe Socket
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
PR63/38 PR76/38 PR102/38 PR150/38


Eared Pipe Socket
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
PR63/39 PR76/39 PR102/39 PR150/39


Rainwater Heads
63mm 76mm 102mm 150mm
Square PR63/40 PR76/40 PR102/40 PR150/40
Round PR63/41 PR76/41 PR102/41 PR150/41
Custom PR63/42 PR76/42 PR102/42 PR150/42