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AWR Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Specialist seamless aluminium guttering, made to measure onsite. This one piece guttering system removes the possibility of leaks on all continuous lengths with joints only at corners.

Bespoke radius gutters which are sand cast to many shapes of gutter and sizes from templates to provide a perfect radius to your building. Radius gutters can also be fabricated by cutting and welding to create a curve, this is usually used when cost savings are required however still provides a quality finish.

125 x 90mm (Domestic) - 125mm being the catchment area of the gutter and 90mm being the back edge height. The size pf gutter would normally be used on domestic houses & maisonettes.

The Gutter Profile

Seamless aluminium gutters are only available in the ogee profile.

The above picture has been drawn around the end sections of the respective sized gutters. The sizes shown especially on the upstands and the bottom can vary slightly due to variations in different gutter machines.

Colours Available

The aluminium coil is pre-painted using a scratch resistant hydro powder coated finish in black, brown or white.

How Does it Go Around Corners?

Naturally, the gutter is only seamless on the continuous length but there are special corner sections available for creating gutter angles.

The two sections of aluminium that meet the corner are ‘mitred’ with a special tool and a ‘two-part’ locking corner piece ‘sandwiches’ the aluminium with the help of some specially formulated silicone. The ‘two-part’ corner piece is then screwed together to create a leak proof corner.